Couple Counselling


It is important first to acknowledge that marital and relationship problems are entirely normal. This is why conscious communication is important as it helps both parties to constructively discuss difficult or delicate situations and to find mutually beneficial solutions to problems. Counselling gives you the opportunity to do exactly this in a neutral, non-hostile environment. As a consultant I am able to offer an impartial view from a third party perspective.


One of the main goals of relationship counselling is to work together in order to give each other greater insight into the origins of any existing tensions between you and to help you find a solution which appeases both parties. This may allow you to reach a level of understanding which will allow your relationship to strengthen and enable you to solve future conflicts independently. Regardless of your age, ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual orientation every relationship has positive potential for development.


Even if only one party in the relationship chooses to engage in counselling, this will still set in motion a process of positive action in order to help resolve issues.


Happy couples take preventative action in relation to their communication. This takes mostly 1-3 counselling sessions.