Once you have reached out to me for an appointment an initial consultation will normally be available within two weeks. Appointments can also be arranged on Saturdays. Upon first meeting it is important that I get to know you better so that I might get a better sense of your personal situation in order to know how to proceed in future consultations. This initial meeting will also allow you to get a better impression of me and the ways in which I like to work and will help to build the foundation of establishing a relationship of trust and confidentiality between us.

Typically, counselling will last for between three and ten sessions, however, if necessary, our consultation can endure over a longer period of time.

In the case of individual consultation, appointments will normally occur on a weekly or fortnightly basis, whilst counselling for couples is normally every two to three weeks. As you progress, the intervals between the appointments can gradually increase until you reach a point where you no longer feel the need for counselling

Your personal data and all contents of the discussions are of course subject to confidentiality.


Individual counselling 50 minutes: € 80,–

Couple counselling 90 minutes: € 130,–

Counselling via Telephone or Skype: costs as mentioned to be paid in advance

Payments are to be made directly in cash at the end of each session, for which you shall receive an invoice. Appointments may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance by either phone or email without penalty. However, in the case of last minute cancellations it will be necessary for me to charge for the session in full.


For those who find themselves in financial difficulty or who are from a low income household reduced rates are available. If these circumstances apply to you please contact me directly before booking an appointment to see if a discount can be arranged.


Private Billing

I run a private practice for those who wish to fund themselves. Please note that I do not offer consultation on public state health insurance. Private health insurance companies, with the aid of medical practitioners will possibly reimburse the cost of a single consultation depending upon the collective agreement which you have with them. Please clarify in advance the total cost which you are entitled to be reimbursed for.


Typically, the cost of counselling for couples cannot be reimbursed with either state or private health insurance.


The cost of counselling sessions, including travel expenses and child care costs are regarded as “extraordinary expenses of a general nature” in § 33 EstG and are thus tax deductible in accordance with federal law.